Spook-O-Ree, Southern Skies Fall Camporee

Phillipo Scout Reservation, October 13th. - 15th.

Hosted by Troop 111


  • Pumpkin Toss
    • Distance isn't necessarily the whole object.
  • Zombie Tag
    • Run for your life and don't' get caught
  • Capture the Gourd
    • You may have seen something like this before.
  • Pumpkin Carving
    • let your artistic talent shine
  • Obstacle Course
    • Watch out for what lurks out there.
  • Mystery Event
    • Be Prepared for ????
  • Cook-Off
    • Would you eat it?

Unit Registration

  • Online before October 6th.  Visit and click on Fall Camporee.   Cost Code - 317
  • Cost for those attending the Camporee weekend youth, Saturday only, adult, staff and district personnel.
    • Weekend Participants …… Youth — $20.00,  Adults — $15.00,  Staff — $10.00
    • Saturday Only Participants …… Youth — $15.00,  Adults  — $10.00
  • Cost for those attending the OA Fall Conclave. Must register on Lodge website
    • Ordeal Candidates ……  $50.00 , Brotherhood Candidate …… $45.00
    • A Member  (Including new Ordeal from this last spring) …… $30.00,  Dues only …... $15.00
  • All participants will need to bring a current BSA Health Form.
  • The paper registration form (attached) must be submitted at check

Things To Know

  • Cub Scouts and Webelos are welcome to camp the weekend with a troop. The Troop should register the Cub Scouts and Webelos with their Scouts.
  • Other Cub Scouts and Webelos can also come and spend Saturday with their Den or Parents.  But please plan to bring a bag lunch with you.
  • Units may want to bring an elevated fire pit with them as open ground fires are subject to Ranger approval.

Time Line:


  • Check-In & Setup 5:30p
  • Info Cracker Barrel (SPL & SM) 8:30p
  • Movie (Monsters Inc.) 9:00p


  • Breakfast 7:00a to 8:30a
  • Check-In (Saturday Only) 7:30a to 8:45a
  • Flag Raising 8:45a to 9:00a
  • Events 9:00a to 12:00p
  • Lunch 12:00p to 1:00p
  • Events 1:00p to 4:00p
  • Mystery ingredient 4:00p to 4:15p
  • Vespers 4:00p to 4:30p
  • Ordeal Ceremony (OA Only) 4:45p to 5:30p
  • Dinner, Free & Skit-Prep 5:30p to 7:30p
  • Cooking Contest Judging 7:00p to 7:30p
    Campfire Program 8:00p to 9:00p
  • Movie (Monster’s University) 9:15p


  • Breakfast 7:00a to 8:30a
  • Flag Lowering 8:30a to 8:45a
  • Break Camp 8:30a to 11:00a
  • Leave Camp Safe Trip Home 11:00a

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