2018 Venturing Shindig

What Will This Year's Theme Be?

Update: Shindig CANCELLED

We're sorry to inform you that the 2018 Venturing Shindig has been cancelled. We heard from a lot of you that this weekend is simply over-full, especially with proms. In addition, registration has lagged far behind any previous year. To give everyone (Venturers and volunteers) the best opportunity to re-plan their weekend, we’re calling the event now. The Northern Star Venturing Committee and the Venturing Officers Association will be taking a hard look at our calendar of events, looking for a better opportunity for 2019. We will also strive to get the word out much earlier to give Crews the greatest opportunity to plan.

We hope to see you all at the Urban Advenuture on September 16th. THAT event is not going anywhere!

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2018 Venturing Shindig

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